Great Composers Day

 Richmond Rasikas is glad to conduct in-person Great Composers Day 2023 this year. 

When: Saturday,  4th November 2023 
Where: In-Person Hindu Center of Virginia
Time: 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM

If you are participating in a Group, please register individually so we will know the status of your membership, and in the Additional Information, mention the group participants. 
Pay online

Members/Non-Members Payment
CategoryTime AllowedMembersNon-Members
IndividualLevel 1 5 Minutes$10$15
IndividualLevel 2 10 Minutes$15$20
Group2-5 5 Minutes$5 per person$10 per person
Group5 and above10 Minutes$5 per person$10 per person
TeachersRichmond Only15 Minutes$20

Thank you for your enthusiastic participation!

Not a Member yet pay online here

We are counting on your enthusiastic participation to make this year's Great Composers Day event a grand success so we urge you to register fast and start practicing your way to the stage. :-)

PLEASE BE AT THE VENUE TO SIGN UP 15 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR TIME SLOT BEGINS. NO SIGNUPS FOR THAT TIME SLOT WILL BE ACCEPTED 15 MINUTES AFTER THE TIME SLOT BEGINS.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. This will help us to run the event smoothly. 

NOTE: While we encourage participants to showcase their individual talents, we request participants to be considerate while choosing Individual Participation Level 2 due to time constraints and limited slots. Please check with your teachers before selecting this option.