Great Composers Day 2014 (Event Report)

  • More than 120 participants performed at the 7th annual Great Composers Day (GCD) event hosted by Richmond Rasikas at the Hindu Center Auditorium on the 15th of November 2014.
  • The GCD opened with a series of slokams recited beautifully by the students from Richmond's Gurukrupa Sloka Group.
  • The participants of the day-long event, rendered the krithis of Dikshitar, Syama Sastri, Purandaradasa, Papanasam Sivan, Harikesanallur Muthiah Bagavathar and several other yesteryear composers.
  • We received suggestions / complaints from a couple of participants that there was some confusion regarding the scheduling and concerns about transparency of the same. The affected parties were contacted for clarifications and suggestions so that the process will evolve to handle the enormous volume that it is trying to accommodate in a single day.
  • In short, the concerns are duly noted by the Committee of Richmond Rasikas and we assure you that they will be adequately addressed in the upcoming Thyagaraja Utsavam to be held in the Spring of 2015.
  • If there are suggestions/comments for improvement or to volunteer at Richmond Rasikas events, please send us an email. The committee always tries its best to be fair to all participants and follow the published guidelines. However, there is always scope for improvements based on your valuable feedback.
  • In future, we will continue to publish event reports on our website for all our events.