The Richmond rasikas were treated to a memorable Chitravina concert by Shri Ravikiran. The sound emanating from the instrument reflected the bhavam of the lyric and the curves of the sangathis. Ravikiran was very engaging with the crowd. He originally planned on playing the sahana krithi giripai. But upon a request from the audience to play a pallavi, he readily composed one, on stage, much to appreciation of the audience. Each and every one the raga alapanams, sketches or detailed, were a treat for the ears.

Ranjani Ramakrishnan and Ramesh Srinivasan provided excellent accompaniment support.

The following pieces were presented.

01. gananAthane - sArangA - Periyasamy Thooran (R,S)
02. thulaseedhala -mAyAmALavagowla - Thyagaraja (R,S)
03. nee bhajana ghana -nAyaki - Thyagaraja (R,S)
04. sudhAmayee - amruthavarshini - Muthiah bhagavathar (R)
05. janani ninnuvina - reethigowla - Subbaraya Shastri (R)
06. Rasikapriya raga - Rasikapriya - Ravikiran (R)
07. Ragam Tanam Pallavi - Sahana - Adi (2 kalai)

Thanam Ragams: Sahana, Hamsanandhi, Kapi, Sindhubhairavi

sharavana bhava guhanE umA kumArane aruL puri

Swaram Ragams: Sahana, Bowli, Malayamarutham, Behag

08. smara sundarAnguni - Paras(javali) - Dharmapuri Subbarayar
09. Yeru mayilEri - Mohanam (Tirupugazh)- Arunagirinathar
12. Mangalam

Please click here for photos from this event.

2009 Great Composers Day (Inaugural)

The inaugural Great Composers Day celebrations, organized by Richmond Rasikas, was a remarkable success. Thanks to all the children and adults who worked hard to put on a great show for the audience. From Abhinav Ramesh, who kicked off the individual singing session to Ms. Nidhi Kumar who concluded the proceedings with her well rendered mangalam, it was a very enjoyable event.

This year, we started a trend of learning some krithis as a group and render them as a group. This year we learnt and presented vAthapi ganapathim by Muthuswami Dikshitar in ragam Hamsadhwani and kAmAkshi ambA, Shyama Shastry's masterpiece swarajathi in the ragam Bhairavi. We look forward to this group becoming a larger one, in the coming years. Special thanks to Maya Ravindran, a middle school kid, who did a superb job teaching the Hamsadhwani krithi, to the group.

Special thanks to Mr. Sriram Rekapalli, for readily and graciously accepting our request provide accompaniment support for the group singing and for some individuals. He elevated this years singing quality to a whole another level, with his percussion prowess. We look forward to his continued support to our efforts to promote carnatic music in town.

Kudos to all the kids that took the time and effort, to make a presentation containing some known and some unknown facts about the great composers. It was a huge hit with the audience.

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped to make this years event a success. A pat on the back is well deserved for all the committee members who worked tirelessly to put this event together.

Please click here for some photos taken at this years event.

Richmond Rasikas