Ashwani Shankar and JA Jayant Jugalbandhi concert

Richmond Rasikas is thrilled to co-host an upcoming Jugalbandhi concert featuring Ashwani Shankar on Hindustani Shenai and JA Jayant on Carnatic Flute as part of our Spring 2023 Series. The concert will take place on May 21st, Sunday, at 5:30 PM in Deep Run High School.

Both Ashwani Shankar and JA Jayant are young musicians who are making waves in the world of Indian classical music. Ashwani comes from the Banaras Gharana, a lineage of musicians known for producing some of the most talented musicians in Indian classical music history. He is carrying forward the 300-year-old family tradition and art of Shehnai playing to new heights. Ashwani's music is a perfect blend of traditional classical music with a modern approach, making it unique and exciting.

JA Jayant, on the other hand, is a young Carnatic Flute exponent who is popularizing the art of flute playing across the globe. He is known for his soulful and melodious playing style, and his deep understanding of the intricacies of Carnatic music. Jayant is also a dedicated teacher who has conducted workshops and masterclasses across the world, inspiring and educating young musicians who are eager to learn from him.

Together, Ashwani and Jayant will perform a Jugalbandhi, a duet performance where they will showcase their skills and talent in a beautiful musical conversation. It promises to be an evening filled with soulful and melodious music that will leave the audience mesmerized.


Sunday, May 21st 2023,  Time 5:30 PM

Deep Run High School,
4801 Twin Hickory Rd, Glen Allen, VA 23059

FREE Admission for Richmond Rasikas Members:

  • Admission is free for Richmond Rasikas members, but we have limited seating. To reserve your seat, please email and join us for an evening of beautiful Indian classical music. 
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  • Don't miss this chance to witness two young and talented musicians perform live on stage.

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