2021 Tyagaraja Aradhana Registration

Richmond Rasikas is glad to conduct Tyagaraja Aradhana 2021 virtually this year. We are working out the technical details of the evening and will be publishing them ASAP.

When: Saturday, 19th June 2021
Where: Online 
Time : 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER: https://forms.gle/9APx1zMBHC5jsZHp7 

The Participation Fee: 
  • MEMBERS will be FREE  
  • NON Members $20
  • Group of 5 or More. NON MEMBERS $10 

If you are participating in a Group, please register individually so we will know the status of your membership, and in the Additional Information, mention the group participants. 

Non-member buy online

2021 Tyagaraja Aradhana

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